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Your skates are an essential tool in the game of Ice Hockey.   At every level of the game it is crucial for players to appreciate the importance of having correctly sharpened blades. 

As players and coaches ourselves, we understand this first hand.  There are four critical elements of the blade in skate sharpening:

Contour/radius of the blade – This is the curve of the blade and it determines how much of the blade makes contact with the ice. More blade on the ice creates less maneuverability for quick turns; however players can generate more speed while having more blade on the ice. 

Apex– The Apex is the center of the contour of the blade and it if is too far forward or to far back it will also effect the balance of the skater. 

Hollow/Radius of the Hollow– This is the groove between the blades edges. This concave track has two outside edges and the space between the edges is called the hollow. A properly sharpened skate has two equal and even edges. The depth of the hollow will determine the amount of bite the blade will have with the contact of the ice. 

Levelness– Both edges should line up perfectly even or square so that the player can have equally sharp edges with a flat hollow.

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